Balancing My Root Chakra

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Posted this on YouTube, forgot to cross-post here.

Just one way of many. The video I use is located here. I highly recommend it. Should I do more chakras? Let me know what you think of this meditation technique if you do it. I LOVE working with stones. Geology was one of my Masters courses and definitely my fav.

Sinus Soup

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I’ve had sinus blockage, post nasal drip and sinus headaches for about 12 years now. I have tried everything to no avail. Well…wait a minute…I did do something that I think worked, but it made me very unhappy. I want gluten-free for about a month and my sinus drainage and headaches almost disappeared, but I was depressed b/c I love to eat and to go out to eat and being gluten-free puts a serious damper on it. I’ve been to every kind of doctor; holistic as well as Western traditional. None of their suggestions worked to my liking.

Anyhow, I read in one of my herb books about a “sinus soup” and taking Zinc and Vit. A to regrow the cilia in my sinuses. I am taking the supplements so I’ll have to wait a couple months to see if that is working. I’ll let you know. I tried the suggested sinus soup, which is minestrone super-pepped up with red pepper flakes, fresh ginger, extra garlic and onion, black pepper and horseradish. I tried it and it temporally cleared me out a bit, but no lasting effects from it. I think its meant more for someone who does not have severe and chronic sinus problems and just needs temporary relief.

Some major chopping was going on in my kitchen!!:

So does anyone have any tried and true suggestions for severe sinus trouble? I know Serena over at Dream with the Fishes is a fellow sufferer. Can you share some of your favorite remedies, please?

Upcoming Eclipses

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Regarding my previous post, I think I have figured out a way to get this reading to you and I know Amy won’t mind since it will allow you to see how talented she is. The only thing I could do, since its such a monster-sized file, was upload it to this service that I found. The only catch is that it will cost you 1 penny through PayPal. Sorry about that, but it won’t let me set it up for “No Charge”. Plus this will give me a chance to see if this works for a new venture I may try (being that the Universe has given me the “green light”). The recording is about an hour and a half long that starts with a very informative intro. regarding the eclipses. You can fast forward to the section that discusses how all 3 eclipses will affect your sun sign and your rising sign, so you’ll want to know what those are. She begins with Aries and goes in order on the zodiac from there. You hear me discussing with Amy at the end our ability to see the eclipses from my vantage point here in Florida and her explantation of that.

Hope it works! If you download it please come back and let me know what you think.

I did some investigating on the ability to see these eclipses and found that the lunar eclipses are relatively weak ones. They won’t be visible to the human eye anywhere and I believe this is due to where the moon will be at the time of the eclipses. The solar eclipse is a total one and that’s exciting and will be viewable from various spots in Asia. Click here to see precisely where. Doing spell work during eclipses is tricky and the energy can be described as “wild” so really do your homework with that and be careful.

Astrology…Not Really My Thing…But

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As I said in a previous post, one of my goals was to attend some sort of metaphysical or pagan event once a month. Tonight I attended this one entitled ECLIPSES of July and AUGUST 2009:
AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. This was something different for me because I don’t usually follow astrology. I consider myself an expert with astronomy, big difference. I LOVE stones too and know a lot about them both scientifically and metaphysically speaking, but this class was outside my box. Something drew me to it though.

Anyhow, there are 3 eclipses around the bend this summer; 2 lunar and one solar. You may be able to see them depending on where you are located on the planet. Check here to see if you will be within the umbra or penumbras. This very accomplished astrologer who conducted the event tonight explained that the month of June is the first time this year that we are not in some sort of planet retrograde pattern influence. So June is the first time in 2009 that you have a “green light” to go ahead and begin new projects, ventures, careers, etc. So many have been sensing change (I don’t sense these things…wish I did) and mentioning it so I thought I would throw this insight out there since it really helps to explain this shift that many of you are feeling.

She did a section for every astrological sign and she specifically followed the Tropical Zodiac (for those in the know). Mine and my DH’s signs seemed spot on. Her name was Amy Vilkers and this is her websiteif you would like to contact her. She’s amazingly accurate. I was giddy when I left, took great notes and she emailed all of us a recording of the event. I would give you all a listen but I cannot figure out how to upload it to Blogger. I cannot email it b/c the file size is 65MB. If anyone knows of a good way to give you access to download it I would be happy to do so.