Crystal Cleansing

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I have cleansed my crystals before using running water or bathing them in the light of a Full Moon, but I felt that they have never been properly cleansed until I started using this method recommended by The American Indian: Secrets of Crystal Healing. This book is amazing. It teaches how the Apache and Cherokee tribes care for and use their crystals, all backed up by scientific research…you know how I am about that! Many people don’t realize the science behind the power available from crystals (more about that in another post) so this book teaches how crystals can be used incorrectly and can even be dangerous when not used in the proper manner. For instance, placing crystals on chakra centers is particularly dangerous when several are used at the same time.

OK, back on track here. So this is how I went about with cleansing. This is where I keep my crystals when not being used for one purpose or another (which I still need to get a red cotton cloth for…book explains why):
Box Open:

What I needed to do the 7 day crystal cleanse:

Note to DH to not mess with the bowl!

Sunday, Sunday

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Last Monday I attended a Crystal Meditation at a local New Age store. It was my first crystal meditation in a group and it was amazing. It was just what I needed after the hard weekend I had just had. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time. I really needed my chakras balanced. I did a chakra meditation on my own a couple times using one of these (can’t remember which one it was), but the one I did Monday was so good b/c I’m not very good at meditating on my own, although I keep trying. I plan on attending one group event a month from one of 2 local new age shops. This feels very spiritually fulfilling to me right now. Ahhhhhh.

I took 3 naps today. I feel like taking another one now….wait a minute, that would just mean going to sleep for the night. LOL. I think I really needed the sleep today. It was raining hard on and off too so it was perfect. I got some of housework done some how in between as well: scrubbed the soap layers off the glass shower doors in 2 bathrooms, folded several loads of laundry, went grocery shopping and cooked up a pork chop dinner.

Oh, in between my naps, I watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, the recent remake of the 1951 film, not that I ever saw the original.
It was OK. The premise of the movie has Keannu Reeves playing an alien sent to save the Earth…from the humans that are destroying it. Keannu is so good at playing roles where no emotion is necessary. 😉 However, his character said a line that resonated with the scientist in me: “Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing. Everything is simply, transformed.” I tell this to my students all the time quoting the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. I love it when science meshes neatly with the spiritual like that. That seems to be happening more and more often now.

I also squeezed in watching a show about the Crystal Skulls today. Amazing artifacts, those are.
Hmmm, I spent $41.53 food shopping for the week and saved $51.54 using my coupons. Weeeee. That $41 included a 20 lb. bag of premium dog food too! I get so excited about my grocery shopping trips and the money I save.

Light at the End of the Grieving Tunnel

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OK. Feeling better now. I am at peace with the fact that Mylo is free of his suffering, he lived a wonderful long physical life (15 years) and he is very loved.

I rescued him at about 5 years old and we had 10 fun years with him. He and my other rescue, Krypto, got along famously and were partners in crime. He was breathtaking to look at; an oversized, glowing white dalmatian. I’ve never seen one this striking. Sure, he showed up with his share of behavioral problems, but through hard work, persistance, love and dedication, we worked through them and came out the other side better people and a better dog for it.

This pic was taken towards the end of his life. We had much respect and love for each other. He is the sweetest and most respectful soul.

My sweet Meelo-Mylo.

Moth & Space Shuttle Launch

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Are there any moth enthusiasts out there who can identify this beautiful specimen? I am too lazy to go research it myself. IT was found in South Florida
Look at how big that sucker is! He was heavy too. He was on DH’s motor cycle after he came home from a ride. (He wasn’t moving…..the moth) DH thinks he hit the cycle mid-ride, injured himself and just hung on for dear life. I gently moved him over near the garage door to hopefully recover himself. He was moving a little bit. After a couple of hours, he was gone. I hope he fully recovered. Just gorgeous.

On Monday at precisely 2:01pm I took some students outside to enjoy the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch. Although we are about a 4 hours’ car ride south of Kennedy Space Center, we can usually cacth the sight of the shuttle leaving our atmosphere and the last blast from the booster rockets. Its jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring even from our distance. It brought a tear to my eye…always does. DH & I have been as close as a civilian is allowed to a launch and that was the most exciting thing EVER! I cannot even imagine being inside the shuttle as an astronaut. I know I am a total science nerd, but it saddens me to see the apathy towards our space program from most people and the media. People are into this stuff if you get them excited about it! My students are totally hooked now and keep asking for updates…”what are the astronauts doing now?” “where are they?” and these are 13-14 year olds who don’t care much about much. Thanks to NASA’s awesome updates, I can show them! Wooooohooooooo!