Twilight Sky Magic & Fleetwood Mac

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I’m finally getting over this last cold. Feeling much better. Been busy with Mylo. Hopefully, we’ve got him on the right track health-wise. I am almost done with 2 of my 3 courses that I’m taking. Can’t wait ’til that round is over so I have some more free time. I haven’t really been able to ready myself for Beltane like I would’ve liked to. I alos didn’t do any meditating as of late, as were my intentions.

I did go see Fleetwood Mac Thursday night with a friend. They were great, of course. Stevie had less energy going on than when I’ve seen her solo, but she was still amazing. Her rendition of Gold Dust Woman was particularly haunting that night.

Keep an eye out for Sunday evening’s celestial show. The thin waxing crescent Moon, Mercury and the Pleiades star cluster will line up in the western sky for a mouth-dropping sunset conjunction! Side-note: the Pleiades is alive with many alien stories…old and new. Ever watch the movie Contact? I’m just throwing it out there.

An Earth Day Give Away…To Go Along w/ Your Trees!

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I don’t think my free trees from The Arbor Day Foundation that I told you about here will get here in time for me to take advantage of this offer from Figs & Ginger (eco-friendly metal-smithers of nature-themed jewelry), but go to this page on their site and email them a photo or video or upload it to Youtube or Vimeo of you planting a tree. Yes, any tree (not just the ones from The Arbor Day Foundation) in honor of Earth Day. The first 50 who do so will receive a limited edition Tree Necklace and either a pair of Fawn Earrings or a Fawn Tie Tack. Your choice. After the necklaces are gone they’ll give out up to 300 earring pairs/tie tacks. How cool is that?

BTW, to all you Twilight lovers…I thought the whole Twilight Hysteria was completely ridiculous. Then began reading a book that a student left behind in my room. It was there for months so I though, “OK, this must be a sign. Go ahead and read it. It can’t be all that bad.” I have been captured hook, line and sinker. I looooove Edward. I am now reading New Moon and very upset at this new turn of events. Yikes, what has happened to me?

Had My Fill of Hurricanes :)

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OK, I’m back feeling stress-free, tanned and refreshed. I had my fill of hurricane cocktails and I’m ready for anything now.

The cruise was OK. Not the best. We’ve resolved to “no more cruising” (unless something super-special and ultra-convenient comes along). I don’t want to dwell on the negatives so I won’t get into the details. Most importatnly, the trip did serve its purpose in allowing DH and I to unwind. Poor guy did come home with a cold though, but I won’t be coming down with that!

I’m now ready to face the 3 online continuing education courses that I am simultaneously signed up for at the moment so I will be blogging a little less and trying to meditate a little more until these courses are over (a month or so). I need to take these courses to earn an advanced pay incentive at work. I don’t think they’re really tough classes…just extra work. However, I’m really burned out on any kind of coursework since I just completed a rigorous 18 month graduate school program in December, but I will muddle through. :)

Perscription for Stress Relief

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I am doing last minute stuff today to get ready for our 5 day short cruise around the Western Caribbean. Yay! This makes for a great Spring Break:

I believe my umbrella cocktail of the week will be a Hurricane…with a rose quartz or amethyst thrown in!…I really need some:

I will miss blogging, my wonderful blog friends and reading all of your wonderful blogs, but like I said, I (we) really need this break. See you in about a week!

Spring is in the Air

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I decided to dye some Ostara eggs this week since I got this Paas coloring kit for free (via my couponing ways). I had a wee bit of fun doing this since I haven’t done this since I was a kid. I used Rachel Ray’s fool-proof method for hard boiling the eggs and let them sit in the dye for a longer time than I used to as an anxious-can’t-wait child to get super-vibrant colors. We made six and I have one reddish-pink one left. :) Weeeeee!

I took my nephew to our local Wildlife center’s annual Bunny Brunch today. Such a great experience.

BTW, Mylo’s wound is not healing up, but not getting worse either. Vet told me to wait until Monday before changing our course of action. However, Mylo doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. He is very comfortable and happy as normal. I will be boarding him with the vet on Monday for 5 days while we go on a cruise. I feel safe in knowing he is in the best place he could be round the clock with an excellent animal lover. Again, thanks for all your positive energy. I think that is what is keeping the worst at bay.