My Mylo

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I have 2 older dogs. Both over 13. Mylo is my almost 14 year old Dalmatian who I adopted when he was 5.

He has a complicated medical issue going on right now that has led to some open sores on his body. There is a possible fix for this, but until we can do it (in 2 weeks) he’s on antibiotics. They aren’t working as well as I thought they would. Can I get some extra healing thoughts for him? I know he’s old and his time may be coming very soon but this seems fixable. TIA.

And on another subject:

My Path

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I was raised Roman Catholic, being 100% Italian. Half Sicilian, half Barese. I went to Catholic schools, baptised, communion, confirmation and all that, but the more I learned the more questions I had and I figured out my path was not going to be a Catholic one while I was in high school.

I routinely skipped Religion class and got suspended for it, having to spend 3 days in the library copying the bible. Teeeheeeee. Anyhow, while a junior in high school (I think) I read Out on a Limb by Shirley McLaine and I knew what I was reading felt 100% correct to me!! I started exploring and reading some other things. Since I was very little, my Sicilian grandmother and great aunt would tell me stories of the Old Religion (Strega) and those things felt right to me too. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that all those things that felt right and true to me were New Age or “Paganism”. I have always just said I was “Spiritual but not religious”. Through the many years since then, I have explored all kinds of paths and liked most of them, identified with many of them, but still have no formal religion or rituals of my own. I always worshipped all things celestial and believe more in the astrophysics than anything else.

I have also always had a great affinity towards crystals and stones, but you already knew that.

Free Arbor Day Trees. Woohoo!

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This is a wonderful way to get 10 free trees and do something wonderful for a great non-profit; The Arbor Day Foundation. This is just in time for Earth Day and Arbor Day (April 24). Go to their website and donate $10 for a 6 month membership and the foundation will send you 10 free trees specific to your location or have 10 trees planted in a forest. The trees are between 6-12inches in height. How wonderful is that?

I’m in!

By the way…I love this pendant and want one. I just thought a photo of went so well with this post. :)

A Bit Off Today

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I’ve been having a weird anger/negativity streak running through me since yesterday at work. I am getting a little too angry/passionate for my liking about some work related issues. I want to be less concerned about these issues and just more positive in general. It has been bothering me since last night along with a worry vibe that I sometimes get. Yesterday I let some things get under my skin so I went in today with positive thoughts and tried to keep true to them, but that weird negativity and anger crept back in again. I cam home, laid off of the work out b/c I also had a sinus headache from the cold that’s working its way out of me and I did the Cauldron of Transformation Meditation from Ariel that Celestite so kindly introduced me to. I feel I have banished those angry negative feelings now, but I still have the worry vibe going on a bit. Solar plexus must need cleansing.

The worry may be b/c my 2nd laser tattoo removal session is scheduled for tomorrow (no…I am not having the whole thing removed…just certain parts) and last time it was quite involved, tender, blistered and large. I have been doing visualizations that its going to turn out just how I want it to in the end, but I still have the worry vibe.

Here’s how it looks today:

The main differences between today and my last session 12 weeks ago is that the areas that got lasered seem to have a slight brownish tinge now and the white ink at the very bottom has turned gray. Some very small spots are almost skin colored again. The lighting in the new pic is a bit darker, but I am hoping that the 2nd session will end up being much more noticeable. I do know that this process will take about 2 years. I hope I have much less discomfort this go round.

So…depending on how I feel, I hope to perform my Spring Equinox ritual tomorrow. I will be celebrating in my heart. I just realized its actually a great thing that I am getting this laser session done on the Spring Equinox since its all about renewal! I will be visualizing wonderful results.

Rain Dance was Successful

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Spring has sprung in Florida. For others its a green bud and some warmth that brings spring. For us, its the rain. This is the beginning of the rainy season and the alligators in the dry and burning Everglades are rejoicing.

A colleague and I have been doing impromptu rain dances at work. LOL. No, we really don’t know what we are doing. Banging tambourines and maracas, chanting… we just know its fun so we do it. Weeeeeee, its FUN!!

Well, as of last evening, it has been raining non-stop. I am so thankful for this rain. We have been in a severe drought here in S. Florida for quite some time and my town hasn’t seen a drop of rain for over 2 months. Well, it hasn’t stopped raining. So much so that since about midnight last night, our power went out when a brittle branch got water logged and fell on a power line…that happens all the time around here. So I got ready for work this morning by candlelight. I was smiling all the way through because it was something different. I brought my flat-iron with me to work and did my hair in the ladies room. 😉

However, even with all this rain, we are no where near rectifying our water shortage. This photo of Lake Okeechobee (our main water source) is from 2 years ago:

Yes, those signs are the posts that boats are supposed to be driving in between. The water is still just as low right now. We need to conserve. This rain barely puts “a drop in the bucket”. Yet, I am so thankful for it.

Vernal Equinox Oil

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So many morphs on the goddess name, Ostera, dawn goddess of fertility, such as Eostre, Eastre, Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Ostarun, Ostera, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos. Its so interesting to me to learn how many of the well-known (to our Western society) Judeo-Christian holidays have these lovely Pagan roots.

These are the ingredients that I used to create my simple Ostara Oil, which I will be anointing my altar candles with for the Spring Equinox:

Here’s the green bottle I stored it in. I wish the bottle was half this size, but I wanted it to be green and this is all I could find. I think its lovely!:

Seems I’ve caught another cold (2 in the last 4 weeks)! That is crazy. A little bit ago, I stopped drinking fresh grapefruit juice as part of my breakfast and I think that may be the culprit for all this sickness. I’m going back to it right away.

Woohoo! I Won!

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Thank you so much to Magickal Enchantments for making me the winner of the Morning Glory Seeds Contest.

I was just looking at some morning glories blooming on a fence and at how absolutely pretty they are the other morning on my drive to work. At that moment I remembered M. Enchantment’s contest. I am so excited to plant them and see them grow. I have an idea that I want to plant them on my front porch so that they can wrap around some painted wrought iron supports that I’m not too fond of. I will have to read up on their care and see if this will be a suitable spot for them. What a perfect spring gift just in time for the Spring Equinox. I will most definitely post when I get my package and then on their progress. I am so happy.

Worm Moon

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I know many of my blogger friends have been posting about the various names of tonight’s Full Moon, but I haven’t heard this one yet; The Worm Moon.

Thus named because it signals the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing along with it a thawing of the soil and…the first stirrings, squirmings and awakening of earthworms in winter-dormant gardens. Despite its name, it will be pretty.

I don’t have much planned for tonight other than charging my stones and crystals again. DH is home. ♥

What is everyone else doing this evening?

Invigorating Sea Salts

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Today I felt crafty. I have been readying myself for the Spring Equinox little by little and hope to work on a few more items for my ceremony tonight. Anyhow, today I worked on making more of my Mermaid Invigorating Bath Salts. I use this for an energizing bath. It makes your bath refreshing and makes a nice pick-me-up. The eucalyptus oil also makes this great for clearing your head when you have a cold or sinus problems like me. These are the ingredients that I used:

This is so easy to make. Here’s the recipe:
1 c Epsom salts
1 c sea salts
10 drops of peppermint oil
5 drops of eucalyptus oil
Put all ingredients in a jar and shake to mix.

I always use a sea shell that I’ve collected from our beach or vacations to use as a scoop. Nothing can improve on nature. :)

A Very Disgruntled Science Geek’s Post

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Do you think there could be a correlation between this 1st graph and the U.S. being just as low in science and math when compared with the rest of the world? (tongue is inserted firmly in cheek as I type this).

Take a look:

This sums it up:

Weekend Me-Time

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Saturday was spent mostly on me. I went to the salon to have my hair slightly restyled and highlighted. I went with thick bangs. I love it. :)

After that I went to the local new age shop and had my aura photo taken. Now I don’t buy into every little supernatural thingy that crosses my path and I am not a very gullible type. I’m a little skeptical about this reading. I DO believe that we all have an energy aura. I was under the impression that this photo would be an actual photo of me taken with some special photography that would allow one to see my aura. However, this is what I got:

After paying my $25, I sat down and put my thumb on a sensor and the gentleman running the laptop took a reading and the portable printer printed out the photo above. He did give me an interesting reading about my extreme green energy, noting I was an ancient healer with a lot of experience from past lives. He pointed out that my chakras are all in alignment and I have several spirits around my head and the bright orb near my belly is an angel or personal guide. I compared my photo with others and I had a lot more energy than they did. Some had blue and some had pink or orange, but just not as large or bright. Out of the 3 others that I compared with, no one else had those spirits about their head. All the bodies in the photos are the same so this is not an actual photo of me or even an image of me. Its a generic form used for everyone. Could the computer program just have various images that come out at random? Sure. What do you think? Reliable of bogus?

Despite that, I did enjoy it and I shopped for some items such as an oracle card deck; Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue…of COURSE! Its so pretty and I am very excited to begin working with it.

…and some lapis lazuli stones to use for some Spring Equinox crafts.