My Mylo

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I have 2 older dogs. Both over 13. Mylo is my almost 14 year old Dalmatian who I adopted when he was 5.

He has a complicated medical issue going on right now that has led to some open sores on his body. There is a possible fix for this, but until we can do it (in 2 weeks) he’s on antibiotics. They aren’t working as well as I thought they would. Can I get some extra healing thoughts for him? I know he’s old and his time may be coming very soon but this seems fixable. TIA.

And on another subject:

My Path

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I was raised Roman Catholic, being 100% Italian. Half Sicilian, half Barese. I went to Catholic schools, baptised, communion, confirmation and all that, but the more I learned the more questions I had and I figured out my path was not going to be a Catholic one while I was in high school.

I routinely skipped Religion class and got suspended for it, having to spend 3 days in the library copying the bible. Teeeheeeee. Anyhow, while a junior in high school (I think) I read Out on a Limb by Shirley McLaine and I knew what I was reading felt 100% correct to me!! I started exploring and reading some other things. Since I was very little, my Sicilian grandmother and great aunt would tell me stories of the Old Religion (Strega) and those things felt right to me too. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that all those things that felt right and true to me were New Age or “Paganism”. I have always just said I was “Spiritual but not religious”. Through the many years since then, I have explored all kinds of paths and liked most of them, identified with many of them, but still have no formal religion or rituals of my own. I always worshipped all things celestial and believe more in the astrophysics than anything else.

I have also always had a great affinity towards crystals and stones, but you already knew that.

Free Arbor Day Trees. Woohoo!

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This is a wonderful way to get 10 free trees and do something wonderful for a great non-profit; The Arbor Day Foundation. This is just in time for Earth Day and Arbor Day (April 24). Go to their website and donate $10 for a 6 month membership and the foundation will send you 10 free trees specific to your location or have 10 trees planted in a forest. The trees are between 6-12inches in height. How wonderful is that?

I’m in!

By the way…I love this pendant and want one. I just thought a photo of went so well with this post. 🙂

A Bit Off Today

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I’ve been having a weird anger/negativity streak running through me since yesterday at work. I am getting a little too angry/passionate for my liking about some work related issues. I want to be less concerned about these issues and just more positive in general. It has been bothering me since last night along with a worry vibe that I sometimes get. Yesterday I let some things get under my skin so I went in today with positive thoughts and tried to keep true to them, but that weird negativity and anger crept back in again. I cam home, laid off of the work out b/c I also had a sinus headache from the cold that’s working its way out of me and I did the Cauldron of Transformation Meditation from Ariel that Celestite so kindly introduced me to. I feel I have banished those angry negative feelings now, but I still have the worry vibe going on a bit. Solar plexus must need cleansing.

The worry may be b/c my 2nd laser tattoo removal session is scheduled for tomorrow (no…I am not having the whole thing removed…just certain parts) and last time it was quite involved, tender, blistered and large. I have been doing visualizations that its going to turn out just how I want it to in the end, but I still have the worry vibe.

Here’s how it looks today:

The main differences between today and my last session 12 weeks ago is that the areas that got lasered seem to have a slight brownish tinge now and the white ink at the very bottom has turned gray. Some very small spots are almost skin colored again. The lighting in the new pic is a bit darker, but I am hoping that the 2nd session will end up being much more noticeable. I do know that this process will take about 2 years. I hope I have much less discomfort this go round.

So…depending on how I feel, I hope to perform my Spring Equinox ritual tomorrow. I will be celebrating in my heart. I just realized its actually a great thing that I am getting this laser session done on the Spring Equinox since its all about renewal! I will be visualizing wonderful results.