My Mylo

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I have 2 older dogs. Both over 13. Mylo is my almost 14 year old Dalmatian who I adopted when he was 5. He has a complicated medical issue going on right now that has led to some open sores on his body. There is a possible fix for this, …

My Path

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I was raised Roman Catholic, being 100% Italian. Half Sicilian, half Barese. I went to Catholic schools, baptised, communion, confirmation and all that, but the more I learned the more questions I had and I figured out my path was not going to be a Catholic one while I was …

Free Arbor Day Trees. Woohoo!

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This is a wonderful way to get 10 free trees and do something wonderful for a great non-profit; The Arbor Day Foundation. This is just in time for Earth Day and Arbor Day (April 24). Go to their website and donate $10 for a 6 month membership and the foundation …

A Bit Off Today

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I’ve been having a weird anger/negativity streak running through me since yesterday at work. I am getting a little too angry/passionate for my liking about some work related issues. I want to be less concerned about these issues and just more positive in general. It has been bothering me since …

Vernal Equinox Oil

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So many morphs on the goddess name, Ostera, dawn goddess of fertility, such as Eostre, Eastre, Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Ostarun, Ostera, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos. Its so interesting to me to learn how many of the well-known (to our Western society) Judeo-Christian holidays have these lovely …

Woohoo! I Won!

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Thank you so much to Magickal Enchantments for making me the winner of the Morning Glory Seeds Contest. I was just looking at some morning glories blooming on a fence and at how absolutely pretty they are the other morning on my drive to work. At that moment I remembered …

Worm Moon

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I know many of my blogger friends have been posting about the various names of tonight’s Full Moon, but I haven’t heard this one yet; The Worm Moon. Thus named because it signals the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing along with it a thawing of the soil …

A Very Disgruntled Science Geek’s Post

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Do you think there could be a correlation between this 1st graph and the U.S. being just as low in science and math when compared with the rest of the world? (tongue is inserted firmly in cheek as I type this). Take a look: This sums it up: