Pretty Sky Viewing

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Tomorrow night will be another Venus-Moon conjunction. Yes, we had a spectacular one with the crescent moon in December, but this one is special too. Our beautiful crescent Moon will be mesmerizing-ly close to Venus. Why is it special? Venus is at maximum brightness, being twenty times brighter than Sirius, …

Stevie <3

Stevie <3

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OK, I love Stevie. And I have posted before that I believe she’s an undercover witch. This is an old video but….she all but admits here and says in not so many words, “I am a White Witch, not a Black Magic Witch”. Would anyone care to discuss after watching …

Done with Transferring Posts

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I am finally done transferring posts from old blog to this one. That was no easy job. Now the time jumping around will end. I just didn’t like the idea of having some of my older posts residing somewhere else. I’ve been blogging since 2001 in one place or another. …