What Tarot Card Are You?

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Thanks to Mea Culpa for turning me on to this. Had to give it a goooo! I don’t know tarot cards and don’t know if I ever will but I always like to see if these things are accurate and this one was. You are The High Priestess Science, Wisdom, …


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This post was inspired by Enchanted Inspirations. How appropriate! I had an enchanted moment today when I felt overwhelmed by SUPER mundane numbers and stress in a banker’s office today after work, going through tax returns, pay stubs and surrounded by calculators, buttoned shirts and ties. I looked at my …

Award for Gratitude or Great Attitude

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  I was awarded this Triple Award from Barefoot in the Sand and Confessions of a Kitchen Witch which I love to read b/c kitchen witches fascinate me and I love to collect recipes. Thank you so very much! That was a nice surprise. Please be sure to visit her …

Tattoo Saga

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Ah, the story of my tattoo. It used to be a small one…for about 8 years. Then I wanted more. I wanted lots of color! I loved it while it was going on. Session #3 was the best. Then the last session happened and I gave too much creative freedom …

Biggest Full Moon of ’09

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This weekend will give us the largest full moon of this year. Another perigee moon like last month’s. It’s when the Moon’s eliptical orbit is closest to the Earth. They only come around about once or twice a year. So this Full Moon should be another special one.