My Life, My Spirit, My Career: How 10 Simple Morning Rituals Helped Me Succeed

September 28, 2016 A little while ago I shared a bit about my daily morning ritual practice on my Facebook Page & Instagram & many asked for more details. My morning ritual isn't at all complicated & is actually pretty quick but I keep it the same each morning so now its become an ingrained habit that I don't even need to think about very much. Comes in quite handy when I have those mornings where I'm barely conscious! It's really pretty simple & reminds me to savor life's little pleasures, to be grateful while also allowing me to live in the present moment.♥ You know... your mood in the morning affects your entire doing this allows me to program & set.Keep Reading

Super Blast Energizing Crystal Combo

September 21, 2016 Let's talk about a great Energizing Crystal Combo! Here I'm sharing this perfect little energizing crystal combination b/c it seems like a lot of us, including myself, could use a boost of energy.  A nice little energy shot. In fact, if you’re into crystals, (which you probably are right?!) you likely have these crystals readily accessible, Crystal Hottie...and if you don’t, you can get this combo pretty easily. Super Blast Energizing Wake-up Call Combo 1.  Carnelian Carnelian is bright orange, an invigorating color and very easy to find. It's in the quartz family & a safe stone to use, very common and relatively low-cost; an energizing crystal to work with. I've got a whole luscious post about Carnelian (+ a FREE gift) over here!! 2.  Citrine Another.Keep Reading

Finding Synergy with a Blend of Healing Practices

September 14, 2016 Hey hey, Crystal Hottie! We're back with another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! The Crystal Healer Interview blog posts are a SPECIAL series where some of our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters take over the blog. This allows me to bring crystal healing to you through the eyes of another.  I'm so deeply grateful to these inspiring individuals for generously sharing their stories with us.  I learn so much through them. Today we're going to meet Certified Crystal Healer, Carrie Hensley! Carrie shares with us her love for Yoga, Ayurveda & Crystal Healing  + working her Dharma while integrating Eastern & Western Medicine. The beauty she brings to our world is truly inspiring. YES. Good stuffs! And Here's Carrie ... ♥♥♥ What brought.Keep Reading

Hibiscus Gem Elixir Iced Tea for Immune Boosting & Energy!

September 7, 2016 Let's brew up some Hibiscus Vitamin C Immune Boosting Gem Elixir Iced Tea! Click to watch my video here... I was making some Hibiscus Gem Elixir Iced Tea and I knew I had to film it & share it with all of you! Although it looks like Kool-Aid, this drink is bright red due to a lot of dried hibiscus flowers. I get my hibiscus flowers and many of the ingredients I used here from Earth Shift Products. This isn't a product endorsement or anything like that.  In the video above I show you different brands for different things included in this recipe...but a lot of my stuff I do get from Earth Shift because they follow many of the same philosophies as I.Keep Reading

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