How To Organize Your Crystal Jewelry Without Driving Yourself Crazy

May 25, 2016I've shown you all kinds of crystal storage setups & different things over the years. But never my crystal jewelry storage...yet! I’ve shown you how I store my tumble stones. I've shown you how I used to store my more high-end Crystal pieces in my collection (it used to be in my dining room china cabinet, which I no longer own.)  With my recent move I got a curio cabinet dedicated solely to my more "higher-end-collectors-pieces" and I did a Facebook live stream showing that, but I’ll do an actual dedicated video of that once I get it organized the way I want it to be. Coming Soon! ...or maybe not too soon....we'll see. ;) B/c you've asked, today, I'd like to.Keep Reading

Want to Manifest Money, Prosperity & Abundance? There’s a Crystal (or 3) for that!

May 18, 2016 Want to be a magnet for money...or anything else for that matter? While there are many crystals we can work with for bringing about prosperity & abundance, today I’m going to focus on 3 that are really POTENT for this purpose. The 3 crystals I’m going to talk about are Pyrite, Peridot & Citrine. 1. Pyrite Pyrite is a beautiful brassy metallic mineral...also known as Fool’s Gold. ...b/c it's been known to fool people who are digging or mining for gold.  When they would come across this...and get all excited...and think that they had found gold...but in actuality they were fooled b/c they had found pyrite, which is very different from gold. It does look similar, but not quite as yellow. And on an elemental.Keep Reading

Navigating Depression; How Crystals Can Help

May 11, 2016At one time or another, I'd guess that everyone has been touched by depression. Some of us end up battling with it more than others. I personally know depression from all sides. I've experienced it myself & have had several close family members who've had to deal with it. I know that it's debilitating & it can make you anxious b/c you're so desperate to just get out of that feeling of hopelessness. There are many different levels & shades of depression & all may need to be dealt with differently. BUT whatever method is your chosen method to help heal & deal, I feel any sound holistic healthy approach can be amplified & enhanced through the use of energy work & crystals..Keep Reading

Don’t Waste Time! Bust Through any Obstacle with My Obstacle Remover Crystal Grid!

May 4, 2016Today I’m going to give you a bit more detail on my obstacle remover crystal grid. I’m listing out all the glitter-filled deets  & crystal components that make up this power-packed crystal grid right here in this blog post for ya... Ready?  Here we go! Grid Components I tapped into the energy of:
  • Bloodstone - strength & courage to face your obstacles while purifying
  • Kunzite - allows you to release resistance, also great for removing physical blocks & obstacles while assisting with emotional healing
  • and (since this is obstacle remover for my business) I used my polished Citrine point (powerful biz support, The Merchant's Stone!) as my center stone
  • Obstacle Remover Gem Elixir Spray
  • ...and of course, a Ganesha statue (the Remover of Obstacles)
I heard that Ganesha.
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