Why Volcanic Crystals are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

September 23, 2015So Cinnabon's are tempting. I stay away from them like the plague, but tempt me, they do...none the less. Curse you, Cinnabon! Volcanic crystals are also indeed very tempting...once you understand a bit more about them. More than a cinnabon, you ask? I think so, yes. And after you check out this week's blog post, I think you will too. And, unlike, a cinnabon, they're good for you! Here's an interesting crystal-question to ponder: In this week's video I go over why we need not be concerned with the "volcanic" origin & perhaps...it's that very thing that makes them so tempting! So first of all, not all crystals & stones will be categorized as "gentle & protective" when of volcanic origin. When we think of "volcanic".Keep Reading

How to Make a Gem-Infused Smoothie!

September 16, 2015Recently, some fun was had on my FB page in 1 of my Facebook Livestreams. BORING DISCLAIMER TIME: *please read below* We decided to create a gem-infused smoothie as a superfood meal while listening to some 70's Teen Heart-throb music on Pandora (think Bay City Rollers, Shaun Cassidy, etc.). Go ahead & join in...watch part 1 + 2 below... Part 2 I got so many requests to post the exact ingredients to this smoothie that I promised to eventually preserve this whole event in a blog post here on my website. And here we are! I'm a woman of my word. So here we are (all ingredients are organic whenever possible):
  • I whip this all up in a NutriBullet
  • fill container 1/2 way w/ supergreens mix (red.Keep Reading

Living in Alignment with Your Life’s Purpose

September 9, 2015Hi Crystal Hottie! I've got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, more fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives from others that are living & breathing this crystal path. And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin' down…these Crystal Healer Interviews allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we've got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us.  Well, I'm excited to let you meet super-cute, ambitious & talented HMCA Advanced Crystal Master, Ryelle Eterna of www.crystalrockstar.com. Today’s message is about living in alignment with your life's purpose. Ryelle shares with us some amazing ideas she'd like to.Keep Reading

Can Crystal Color Determine it’s Meaning? & Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color!?

September 2, 2015This question came in & I think it is so funny how this is worded:

Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color?

Ha! Here's the vid... Yeah! So where'd this bunk come from? All right, so I don’t know that it’s necessarily a "who made it up" type a' thing. Actually, this whole concept of color & crystals aligning with different energy centers throughout our bodies & resonating with different organs & glands has been around for thousands & thousands of years & is a common thread through many different cultures. It goes back to ancient teachings. And it's actually something that we can scientifically back up & even measure in some instances (I get much.
Keep Reading

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