Crystals for Working with Archangel Raphael | Angel of Crystal Healing

February 22, 2017  Today's video is about crystals for working with Archangel Raphael...the angel of crystal healing. Yes...we have one of those! Now, I’m not an expert on angels or angel therapy...there are lots of people out there who are experts on this (maybe you're one of them!), but it is a subject that comes up often because many people who are interested in crystal healing are also often attracted to angels & I'm often asked: What crystals do you recommend for working with Archangel Raphael? And I feel that Archangel Raphael is definitely an angel I should talk about because he aligns closely with crystal therapy + crystal healing. Archangel Raphael is known as:
  • the Supreme Angel of Healing; all kinds of healing—healing yourself.Keep Reading

The Story Behind Lemurian Crystals

February 15, 2017 Today's video is all about Lemurian Crystals!  Watch my video & scroll down for more sparkly details... There seems to be a lot of confusion going on about what a Lemurian Crystal is, or a Lemurian Seed Crystal...yes, they are slightly different—I’ve even recently gone into several stores and have seen signs that display, “Lemurian Crystals,” (because it’s a super-hot term right now)... but what they’re really displaying next to the sign that says, “Lemurian Crystals,” are not Lemurians. Case in point...these are quartz points, but not Lemurians! So I want to wade through all of that confusion & set the record straight here today. What are Lemurian Crystals? The term "Lemurian crystal" was first coined by a famous crystal author whom I highly respect,.Keep Reading

Sacred Crystal Biz Tips for You – Online Marketing for Your Soul-Centered Biz

February 8, 2017 Anyone that's got an online sacred crystal business, this one's for you! If you sell things on Etsy, if you provide crystal healing or energy healing of any sort, or you’re just in the business of dealing with crystals in some way, shape, or form, this blog will apply to you. Watch the video + read on for more sparkly details below! In my Certified Crystal Healer course, one of the things that I feel really passionate about is helping my students carry on & flourish if they would like to start a Sacred Crystal Business.  So I give them lots of business resources and bonuses, lot of materials including ... Content Calendar for your Sacred Crystal Business One of the bonuses I'll be.Keep Reading

Crystal Meditation for Peace – Join Me?

February 1, 2017 Won't you join me in a Crystal Meditation for Peace?  In these current times of conflict & apparent it is…just for you. Watch the video so you can see the special little setup I did for you & the crystals I'm working with for our meditation for peace. You can bookmark this and come back to it & use it whenever you’re feeling the chaos of the world is starting to pull you into Overwhelm City, whenever you need to find peace. Alternatively you can download the audio version by clicking on this link >>> DOWNLOAD: Crystal Meditation for Peace mp3. If you don’t have the specific crystals that I’m working with, not to worry because that’s the whole point...I’m going to work.Keep Reading

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