How to Work with the Energy of the the Solar Eclipse

August 9, 2017   On Aug. 21, 2017, we'll all be under the rare spell of a Total Solar Eclipse. This is an INTENSE event; both on a cosmic as well as an energetic level. Our Sun is also currently going through some extreme changes and so, I feel from here on out it's more important than ever to pay attention to these cosmic events that involve our Sun (Sol) in any way. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I love to ride our local cosmic energies. Now, I used to avoid giving out advice on how to work with the energy of a solar eclipse because I was still experimenting with it myself, but I've since worked.Keep Reading

Who Are You to Be Healing Others?

July 26, 2017 Yep. I know that's a possible question running through your mind.... or some ballsy person has actually questioned you with that one. It used to go through my mind and just about everyone else's on this path too. I know. I totally get it. It's only human to question yourself, but do it too much and it really starts to eat away at your confidence.  Are you waiting until you're perfectly "healed" before you feel you can start any healing on others?   I've been teaching classes in crystal healing since 2010 and founded the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy back in 2011. Over the years I've heard it all from our students and alumni: “Yep, I graduated. I've got more than a few a certifications.Keep Reading

A Crystal Mix to Fire up Your Creativity

July 12, 2017 Ever feel like you've hit a creative dry spell or like you have nothing new to make, say, do?Today, I’m gonna to talk to you about a vibrational frequency combo we can use to give ourselves a well, today, I’m gonna to talk to you about a vibrational frequency combo we can use to give ourselves a boost of creativity when we really need it. Ready? OK, so this is for those of us that create... create anything, whether you’re writing a book or painting a painting or sewing something up — anything at all! We create in so many different glorious ways. But, sometimes you run across periods of time where your creativity-well dries up, and we’ve all run into those times.Keep Reading

Is it Wrong to Charge Money as an Energy Healer?

June 28, 2017 This is really a Part 2 of my blog post on How to Make More Money as an Energy Healer. Part 1 is over here if you haven't read that yet. This part addresses the simple fact that many energy healers & light workers out there find themselves struggling to earn enough to make ends meet. AND part of the reason is that there are some cultural beliefs that we shouldn't be charging for doing this work. Am I right? I see many in our community:
  • under-valuing
  • under-charging
  • over-delivering
  • & ultimately burning themselves the frick out.
Sound familiar? It's really a sad situation & one that I'm passionate about eradicating! It doesn't have to be that way I'm here to tell you can approach your business.
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