How To Program a Crystal

April 27, 2016I wanted to actually call this blog post: "How to TUNE IN + Set Your Intention using a Crystal", but I KNEW that the title that I settled upon up there would grab way more attention b/c it's a topic I'm often asked about..."How do I program my crystal?" That's the lingo everyone is using. So when in Rome... OK, so let me set the record straight here from MY perspective. And keep in mind that this is my opinion on what works best & is most theory, my method from the research & work that I've done & have had many of my students carry out as well...this is precisely what I teach my students in my courses. If.Keep Reading

My Fort Myers Gem Show Adventure

April 20, 2016Sometimes the build up is better than the actual event. What's that saying?... It's all about the journey...not the destination. Def. the case for my recent trip to this local gem show. Even though this gem show was a bit of a dud for me, I still found an amazing not a total wash! Check out my vlog of this gem show below. In it I cover:
  • Fake ruby! & story of someone getting dupes out of $5K
  • A very knowledgeable & reputable rock hound
  • Fire Quartz
  • My new fabulously large Smokey Elestial Enhydro!
It's always fun to check out a gem show in your matter what, really! You can click these links to see if there are any coming around soon near you:
  • Rock n' Gem
  • The Vug List
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More Crystal Fakes: Healerite, Larimar & Galena Geodes???

April 13, 2016I have more “FAKE CRYSTALS” updates for us today! I think this has become one of my fav blog posts to write. ♥ I really want to educate our #CrystalHottie community on what’s available out there so we can make informed decisions when adding specimens to our sacred collections. If you feel passionate about this too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (There are some handy-dandy “SHARE” buttons you can use at the bottom). And if you haven’t already done so, you can download my free eBook on this subject below so you can grab all my “Fakes” blog posts in 1 convenient place & have a reference guide all your own. Galena Geodes aka Berber Geodes OK, these are.Keep Reading

Easy Gem Elixir! + Magical Mermaid Crystal Tea

April 6, 2016I decided to make this video b/c how I do gem elixirs has become HOT Crystal Topic as of late (lots questions coming in for this): How to make a super-easy gem elixir to tote along with you... Many of you have been asking me for more details on how I make my easy-peasy drinkable gem elixirs & the NEW water bottle I so enjoy using to do this. I used to recommend other bottles & gadgets with more elaborate designs (some were drop-dead-plop-your-whole-paycheck-down-gorgeous) & definitely more beautiful to look at...but if you know me, I'm Ms. Practical. So after using those other options for a while I let them keep falling away as, either I discovered something I didn't like about.Keep Reading

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