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Crystal Healer - Hibiscus Moon This is the place where the Crystal Hotties come to learn about the art & science of crystal healing. We enjoy sharing all the wonders of working with healing crystals and exploring the physics & metaphysics behind how they work all while having lots of FUN. The academy is taught by Hibiscus Moon, best-selling author of the book Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work.

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter. Thanks for visiting!If you’ve followed me a bit, you know that I love looking to the Moon cycles to plan out certain events & biz moves. I’ve talked about what I do with my crystals at the Full Moon before. But…today I’d like to talk about the New Moon & some New Moon Crystals. New Moon Energies First of all…why work with lunar energies at all? My undergraduate […]


Cracking the Code...Cut Crystal vs. Natural Crystal: Which is better?

Cracking the Code…Cut Crystal vs. Natural Crystal: Which is better?

This is a question I often get: Is a cut, man-made crystal point or shaped form, higher in energy or lower in energy than a natural wand or shaped form?   I do feel natural or rough is inherently more powerful due to a couple of reasons: The natural direction that the crystal molecules have grown affect the flow of the crystal energy so a natural point will always direct that energy direction (We delve more deeply into this in […]

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Is it working? I Don't Feel Anything ...

Is it working? I Don’t Feel Anything …

So, some people can handle crystals all day long…and feel nothing. And some people can walk into a room of crystals and have to run out b/c they say the energy is too overwhelming. Why are some people so sensitive & others don’t feel anything at all? A student of mine asked me this question: Q: A used a stone on my client. They then purchased the same kind of stone used during their healing session, and although it became […]

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Are there some crystals that never need cleansing?

Are there some crystals that never need cleansing?

Are there crystals that never need cleansing? I LOVE this topic. It’s a good one. It keeps coming up b/c there are some popular crystal books that state that certain crystals just never need to be “cleansed” or re-tuned (my preferred word for it). First, before we get into it…let me just say…if it works for you; keep on TRUCKIN’! Don’t let what I say here change your mind. See what your intuition tells you. BUT… I feel that all […]

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My Crystal Looks Different ~ What Does it Mean when your Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy?

My Crystal Looks Different ~ What Does it Mean when your Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy?

A question I get quite often is one about a crystal changing color, or becoming cloudy, or showing a new inclusion that wasn’t there before. Hi! I have a clear quartz pendant that I wear often and meditate with. I’ve noticed it’s started growing green chlorite phantoms & has gotten really cloudy in the past 6 months. Is that normal? Now, bear in mind that if you’re asking that question, please be certain that you know this crystal really, really […]

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Crystal Characteristics Secrets Revealed

Crystal Characteristics Secrets Revealed

It’s Crystal Q&A time! Today we’ve got a sparkly one for ya, with a call in question from Tess looking for guidance on a very special crystal. She asks: “How can I use & get the most out of a Quartz Crystal that I recently purchased?” Watch this vid for my answer: To be crystal clear (hee heee), there is no incorrect way of working with your crystal.  When you’re already strongly guided to purchase a certain crystal, use your […]

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I’ve been wondering whether I should share this or not. Obviously, I decided to SHARE IT. Over the years – through many years of blogging now – I’ve realized that when I wonder if I should share something, that’s really the Universe telling me that there is something that really needs to be said & its going to resonate really well with my tribe. So, I should just share it. I’ve learned: when it feels scary, just do it because […]

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Grounded in Science - The Crystal Healer Interviews

Grounded in Science – The Crystal Healer Interviews

Today we’ve got a fabulous Crystal Healer guest blog post from HMCA Certified Crystal Healer, Shannon Caldwell. I’m so proud that Shannon is a part of the HMCA community b/c in her “everyday life” she’s also a lab tech & science nerd (woooo-hey!) employed as a transmission electron microscopist at Cornell University. Yep! She can get-down with some crystal healing science…and we love that! Are you ready? Here’s Shannon… What brought you to the world of crystal healing? Through my […]

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Grounding Tips for Balance in a High Flying World

Grounding Tips for Balance in a High Flying World

This Crystal Q&A question comes from Geert in Belgium (Can I just take a moment to gush about our worldwide sparkly community?! I’m so grateful to have our HMCA Certified Crystal Healers now in 10 different countries around the world! (Find one near you!) Sharing the love & knowledge of crystal healing, that’s what it’s all about & I’m so freakin’ happy that we’re on this path together :).  Thank You Sparkle Gems! BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that […]

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